About Our Firm

At Junior Tax, we go above and beyond to provide you with innovative solutions for all your tax needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals by thinking outside the box and offering personalized services tailored to your unique situation. 


Our experts have a high level of knowledge, skills, and expertise. Our culture of sharing knowledge helps in establishing quality.


We have extensive experience in tax preparation of tax returns for individuals and small businesses including tax planning.


Our comprehensive tax services are powered by next-generation technologies, AI, and tax resources to keep our team up to date.

Who We Are

We Are Certified By the IRS to ensure you are getting the best service

We are a “boutique” firm that offers exceptional tax services for individuals & small businesses. Our preparers are registered with the IRS and comply annually with the continuing education requirements mandated by law.

We are highly popular with immigrant communities in the US due to our multilingual services in English, Bulgarian, and Russian at our Chicago office. Furthermore, our Sofia office is among the few in Bulgaria that provide in-person tax preparation services for US expats.

Years in the Business

We have extensive tax preparation experience and are here for the long run.

Happy Clients

Work with us as hundreds of our customers did it and receive the best customer service possible.  Plus we have a bonus referral program for new clients.

Expert Tax Accountants

Our tax accountants have a high level of tax knowledge, they are registered with the IRS and are powered by next-generation technologies.

We offer US tax services in Bulgaria and US

We are a team of highly qualified tax specialists with professional experience, both in Bulgaria (Europe) and in the USA. We ensure a high level and quality of customer service and highly value professionalism and work ethic.

We are certified by the IRS and registered e-file provider. For this reason, we can guarantee you fast and reliable tax preparation services. We have offices in Chicago, USA, and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Our process

Prepare Your Tax Documents And Book Your Appointment

Fill out our questionnaire and upload your current tax documents and prior year tax return. Book your virtual or in person appointment with us (phone/Zoom/Viber).

At Your In-person/Virtual Appointment

We will give you a call/meet you to discuss your tax filing requirements, address all of your questions, and provide you best customer service. Plan 30 minutes or more for your appointment.

Tax Filing

Once we prepare your tax return we will send it to you for signature and approval. After we file your tax return to IRS/State you will receive a link to our secure portal for your tax returns and a detailed message with all the necessary information. 

Our approach

  • Our service is fast, affordable, and aims to get you the maximum refund possible. From the moment you submit your documents until you receive your refund/pay your taxes, we are with you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, always ready to reply to emails, phone calls, and chat on our website.

  • Our goal is to become the leading tax preparation company in the US, consistently striving for excellence. Our success is built on a foundation of extensive experience, in-depth knowledge, and expert skills.
  • We are committed to continuous development and improvement by participating in numerous trainings, seminars, and meetings with tax administration officials and business representatives.

  • We are confident that our qualities and strong motivation will enable us to achieve outstanding results and surpass your expectations.

Our team of international experts in US tax

Our primary advantage is that our IRS-certified tax experts are based in the USA and Europe, allowing them to stay updated on all tax changes and processes. This enables us to offer you affordable, top-quality service and accurate information about your taxes, fully compliant with specific US tax regulations. We speak English, Bulgarian, and Russian languages.

Personal tax preparer just for you

We offer personal and affordable service that includes comprehensive preparation, rapid processing, and filing of your tax return with the IRS. We prioritize treating each client with respect and addressing their unique needs. Our clients are our top priority, and we are always dedicated to finding the best solutions for them. 


Satisfied customers